Experimental penguins was a test version of penguin chat3 made by Rsnai

Game playEdit

In this game you can make your name tag a sertain color these colors include Black, Blue, Green, and Red.

Not much is know about this game knowig it was made in 2000 when computers and virtual worlds were still hard to understand.

One fameouse thing in this game is a snowcat it is famous because its history takes in back so far!


Experimental penguins was created by rsnail in 2000 this game one several medals and was only up for a few months and was closed down rocketsnailgames was going to make another version called "Snowblasters" but was never fineshed and penguin chat 1 came out.


Made by rsnail.

No one really knew about this game.

Unlike penguin chat 1 you cannot swear.